Repeat Students

So many things can go wrong with exams ­ - the paper might be exceptionally difficult, you may have revised poorly or inconsistently, you may simply have had a bad day.

Disappointing exam results present us with difficult decisions and fewer choices. These decisions can affect the rest of your life. You may have missed your first choice of third level course by a few points or a pass grade by the narrowest of margins or you may just feel that your results do not accurately reflect your ability.

Repeating the Leaving Certificate is not an easy option. It means having to prepare two years work in one. It also means going through exam stress again and more than likely without the support of friends who have moved on. Your self-esteem is probably at an all time low. It takes a lot of courage and the right kind of help. For some, the prospect of repeating at the same school can be daunting. Often a change of environment, with a different approach can be very worthwhile.

At Brookfield College we feel we offer you that alternative.  We offer an intensive one -year programme with expert teaching and guidance as well as regular assessment.  We encourage students to be positive and upbeat and to embrace the challenge of a repeat year. It can be very rewarding in many different ways.  In a competitive market for jobs and third level places, opportunities exist for those who have proven their ability.  For those with little to show, doors remained closed.  It is worth considering this before you decide your next move.

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