Host Family Terms and Conditions


1. General (The host family should...)

A. Encourage the students/guests to speak English as often as possible.

B. Make the students/guests feel at home and be treated as a part of the family.

C. Provide a clean and friendly environment for the students to carry out their studies.

D. Show due concern for the welfare, safety and security of the student/guest during their stay.

E. Collect students on arrival at Brookfield College.


2. Students/Guests Rooms Requirements

A. Bedrooms to be clean and tidy, adequately equipped and with natural light.

B. Table for private study and adequate hanging and drawer space for clothes.

C. Adequate heating and lighting.

D. Adequate washing facilities and access to the bathroom as a member of the household, with bath or shower available daily.

E. Change of bed linen each week and a good supply of extra warm blankets for winter.

F. A proper state of cleanliness and repair in the home.

G. A lockable bedroom or lockable wardrobe/drawer must be provided for student’s/guest’s valuables.


3. Inspection      

As part of the application process all host families accommodation will be inspected to ensure that it is of a good standard.


4. Use of Telephone  

It is at the discretion of the host family whether a student/guest may use their telephone/landline.Brookfield College does not except responsibility for a students use of a host families landline phone or internet usage.


5. Insurance      

A. You should inform your household insurers that you host students/guests.

B. Smoke alarms must be fitted.

C. Brookfield College is not responsible for injuries or damage caused to or by the student/guest.


6. Cancellation  

There is no cancellation fee payable to the host family for non-arrivals of students/guests.


7. Payment        

A. No payment is made directly to the host family by the student/guest.

B. Payment will be made by cheque or Bank Transfer every fortnight of the student’s/guest’s stay.

C. Host families will only be paid for the time the students/guests stays with them.

D. Never discuss payments or any other problems of this nature with the students/guests directly.


8. Tax                

All families are responsible for their own tax payments and it is not the responsibility of Brookfield College.


Emergency Numbers are as follows:

Out of hours emergency contact number – 086 3844573

By filling in and submitting the application form you will be agreeing to the Terms and Conditions set by Brookfield College.  Brookfield College reserves the right to remove host families from their listing upon failure to adhere to the above Terms and Conditions.

Refunds can also be offered to students should the host family fail to abide by the Terms and Conditions.