6th Year Academic Calendar 2020-2021



Wednesday 2nd September – Tuesday 22nd December

Mid – Term Assessment       Monday 5th October – Friday 9th October (class time)

Tutor/Student Meetings          Week beginning Monday 19th October

Day Off                                      Monday 26th October

Day Off                                      Tuesday 27th October

Day Off                                      Wednesday 28th October

Christmas Exams                    Monday 23rd November – Friday 27th November (exam timetable)

Tutor/Student Meetings          Wednesday 9th December – Tuesday 15th December

Parent/Tutor Meetings            Monday 21st (PM) / Tuesday 22nd December



Wednesday 6th January – Friday 26th March

CAO Deadline                       1st February

Day Off                                  Wednesday 17th February

Day Off                                  Thursday 18th February

Day Off                                  Friday 19th February

Pre – Leaving Exams          Monday 1st March – Friday 5th March

                                                (Also Saturday 27th February and Saturday 6th March)

Day Off                                  Wednesday 17th March

Dept of Education Oral Exams (Provisional Dates) TBC



Monday 12th April – Friday 21st May

Tutor/Student Meetings      Week beginning Monday 19th April                    

Day Off                                     Monday 3rd May                                         

Graduation                               Thursday 27th May (at 8pm)

Leaving Certificate starts     Wednesday 9th June